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Vision Techconnect TC2-HDMI14

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Splitter for professional applications. HDMI V1.4. Built in HDCP. 3D support. Advanced EDID management allows installer to fix output resolution, or use the resolution from one of the four output devices, or use the lowest available output device resolution. Metal chassis with mounting ears.

Supports 3D
As an HDMI device it supports up to 1080P and full 3D.

HDCP authentication
This is a plug and play device which takes care of HDCP authentication automatically.

As the HDMI specification is changed this device can have firmware upgraded via USB port.

Mounting ears
A robust metal chassis comes with detachable mounting ears.

Advanced EDID
Dip switches on the side can be adjusted to set various EDID (extended display identification data) scenarios. This determines what resolution the splitter outputs. The same resolution will be distributed through all four outputs.